Behind The Smile

Central Park

Saturday, October 5th

10:45 AM

The smell of the piping hot pumpkin spice latte that was tightly clutched in Massie Block’s hands tickled her nose, as she leisurely strolled down the path that led to her favorite bench in Central Park. She spotted the familiar blue and gray plaid shirt that she had bought Landon for his birthday, already seated at the bench, and a sleepy pug at his feat . Massie’s plum-stained lips grew into a smile, and she bent down releasing Bean from her leash, to run and play with Bark. Seconds later, her Tory Burch Riding Boots were lifted from the ground, and her still-smiling lips were met by Landon’s.  “Pumpkin spice, my favorite,” He said when they pulled apart, Massie rolled her eyes and let out a giggle that she could only channel when she was around Landon.  Slipping her hand in his, they both took a seat on the bench  and watched Bean and Bark run around the tree’s, whose leaves were now turning a pleasant gold.

“So how’s my model girlfriend?” Landon asked, with an innocent smirk. Massie had been away on business for two weeks in Milan, shooting for Versace. Ever since her spread in Seventeen had been released she had been getting call from tons of labels, which sadly had left her no time for her friends, or Landon.

“Extremely tired,” she whined, laying her head on his shoulder, “I miss school, and being home with Inez and Bean.”

“I’m sure your work load will lighten up soon,” Landon reassured her.

“Doubt it, I have three more shoots this week, which means I have to miss three more days of school. I might as well drop out, I’m hardly there.” Massie knew, however, that this was never an option, nor did she want it to be. Somewhere deep down she knew she had to quit modelling for the sake of her grades, and the chance to have the best high school experience she could manage. But nothing gave her the thrill of being in front of a camera, jet setting all over the world to meet different designers, and just being able to wear incredible clothes.

“Hey don’t stress, I have a super fun day planned, ok? Just enjoy it.” Landon said, grabbing her hand and pulling her up the pathway.

Westchester Mall

Sunday, October 6th

3:30 PM

Massie sifted through the grey cable knit sweaters, a fall fashion staple that she already owned 20 of, but couldn’t help but want more. “Mass, I think you just need a break from modeling,” Alicia said to her from behind the neighboring rack of leggings. Kristen popped her head up and nodded in agreement, The Pretty Committee had been trying to cheer her up all afternoon but Massie still couldn’t shake her somber mood. “No she can’t! Her career is just getting started,” Dylan squealed, appearing out of the dressing room. Massie giggled at the turquoise top she had paired with her leather pants.

“I give that shirt a negative eight,” Kristen snorted.

“Point,” Alicia called, raising  up a manicured finger.

“Same here Dyl, so nawt your style,” Massie shrugged.

Dylan rolled her eyes, “listen to me Mass, my mom always says that you have to strike while the iron is hot, and let’s face it your not getting any younger.” The Pretty Committee shrieked with laughter, Massie had to grip onto the clothes rack from falling over. “Since when was fifteen old, Dylan?” She asked between laughs. “Nobody understands the industry these days,” Dylan huffed, tossing her auburn hair over her shoulder and heading back into the dressing room.

“I think Dylan is right though,” Kristen said, “you don’t want to take a break and come back to no opportunities.”

Massie pursed her Underaged by Mac tinted lips in frustration, could her friends really be right? Could just a year or two off modeling be that detrimental to her career? Shaking the horrific thought out of her mind, she reached inside her pocket and wrapped her fingers around her brand new Platinum Master Card. “Enough worrying,” she said pulling the card out, “I want to go spend some of my hard earned money. Chinese anyone? My treat!”

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Massie Block


Model Status.

Hey Dolls,

Currently, I am relaxing by the pool of my Hamptons House. My hair is in a french braid, and I am in a new navy blue bikini from Hollister. My french manicured nails fly across the glass screen of my Ipad Mini.

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“Turn your head a little please, Macy.” Said the photographer. Massie shot him an icy glare, “It’s Mass-See, Massie, not Macy.” The man just nodded and continued taking pictures. Rolling her eyes, Massie adjusted her neck and faced more towards the camera. She was dressed in a beautiful light pink sundress, that the stylist paired with a turquoise blazer, and nude heels.

The hair & Makeup artist curled her hair in loose waves down her shoulders, and gave her a light natural smokey eye. “Massie,  why don’t you bring bean more the the front of you, and show off the leash a bit more.” Bean strutted up in her pink polka-dotted sundress, and matching doggie sunglasses. “And that’s the last look of the day, that’s a wrap people!” Called the photographer.

“How about some claps for our models?” He said to the set, while politely planting a kiss on Massie’s cheek, and patting Bean on the head. Second’s later Landon walked in with Bark,”You look gorgeous, babe.” He said slipping his arm around her.

“I know,” She giggled, shooting him a flirtatious wink, “Are you ready for lunch?”

“Whenever you are,” He smiled.

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“So it was fun?” Kristen asked, while she plopped down next to Alicia on the white leather sofa in Massie’s bedroom.

“Yeah it was incredible, and Bean loved it too.” Massie said, as she slid the DVD into her tv and clicked the play button. “Eh ma gawd, Jenna Greenswold died her hair again,” Dylan said, disgusted. “Oh god, tell me she didn’t go highlighter-pink again like she did in 7th grade,” Claire giggled.

“She looked like a walking tulip remember? Because she always wore her green skinny jeans and matching hoodie.” Alicia laughed. “I wonder if her parents know she’s style impaired,” Massie said, she started to giggle at the thought.

“You know we should really help her, maybe she would find her inner fashionista,” Kristen sighed. Massie pondered this for a moment, “That’s genius Kris, we could help the fashion challenged girls of Weschester.”

“Oh, and we could set them up, like a makeover, and help them find a guy!” Alicia added.

“What would it be called?” Claire asked.

“Extreme Makeover,” Massie said, ” Pretty Committee edition.”

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Massie Block.

Fashion will change, but style is forever.


“Landon, what is going on?” Massie demanded, dropping his hand. He turned around and flashed her a toothy grin,”just trust me Mass.” She sighed, and bent down to adjust Bean’s Leash. “I just don’t understand why I had to get all dressed up, if we’re only visiting your mothers store.” Massie said, standing back up. Landon kissed her cheek, and assured her that she would soon find out, she just needed to follow him.

A few minutes later they were both seated across from Landon’s mother, in her office. Massie’s palms began to sweat, had she done something wrong? She wondered. “Massie, doll. I have a very exciting proposition for you, and little Bean.” Landon’s mother said, while tapping her fingers on her glass desk. Massie raised an eyebrow, “Oh, um really?” His mother smiled,”Seventeen magazine is doing a spread on how to look fashionable with your dog by your side, and they asked me to style it.” Massie’s heart skipped a beat, where was this going?

“They’re planning to use real, fashionable dogs and their owners. So, I told them if they wanted the best of the best, they had to hire Massie and Bean Block.” Landon’s mother finished, while casually sipping her tea. Massie’s eyes grew wide, “you mean, Bean and I are going to be in a spread of Seventeen Magazine?”

“Yes, Massie, that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

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“EH MA GAWD!” The Pretty Committee screeched over the phone, Massie was seated in the living room her feat propped up on the side of the couch. “You’ll be like, a celebrity,” Claire said. “Haha, hardly!” Massie assured them, she was excited about the photo shoot but was a tiny bit nervous at the same time. She new she wasn’t a model, but she was sure that she could learn.

And besides, Massie Block couldn’t take a bad picture.

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Massie Block


Home is where your pug is.

Massie awoke to the sound of her alarm clock going off, she rolled out of bed and slipped on her lavender silk robe. Throwing her chocolate brown hair into a messy bun, she trotted down the stairs towards the kitchen. The smell of chocolate chip pan cakes tickled her nose, and her cherry red lips spread into a huge smile as she walked into the kitchen to find Inez preparing her plate. “Your such a doll, Inez!” She chirped jumping up on one of the tall bar stools, that sat tucked under the breakfast bar.

Inez just smiled, and hurried off towards the laundry room. Massie heaved a sigh and pulled out her phone, her parents had left this morning for London. She only got to spend about 3 days with them, before they had to leave. The Pretty Committee had gone off with their families for the weekend, and considering they had spent an entire week together, Massie figured they needed some time apart. Just then her phone lit up with a text from Jaclyn, a friend from gymnastics.

Jaclyn: Hey, some of the teachers are here and only a few students, basically the whole gym 2 ourselves! You should come by!

Massie debated this in her head for a few moments, then finally decided to go for it. A few more hours of practice couldn’t hurt, right? She ran up to her bedroom to take a quick shower, then quickly french braided her hair and put on the new work out clothes she had purchased from Lulus’. Before grabbing her purse and dialing Isaac to come pick her up, she planted a quick kiss on Bean’s still sleeping head.

Stepping into the gym, Massie waved at Jaclyn who was in the far corner stretching. She jogged over to her,  sat down and began to stretch. “Block,” Massie turned to see coach Smith standing near the beam,”your with me today, come on!” she yelled. Massie’s face went pale, she absolutely sucked at the beam, she would continually lose her balance and fall.

“Um, I think I should stick to floor work for now, Mrs. Smith!” She said, nervously. The coach raised her eyebrows, and gave Massie a death stare. Sighing, Massie pushed her self up and trotted over. “Next time I tell you to do something, you do it. Now finish stretching, and get your butt on that beam.” Mrs. Smith turned back to her clip board, Massie bit her lip so she wouldn’t fire back some snippy comment about her bushy blonde eyebrows.

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“It was terrible,” Massie sighed into the phone, “the woman embarrassed me in front of the entire gym, and now I’m so sore I can hardly walk!” She walked into her bathroom and picked out her Birtday Cake Bubble Bath jar by Philosophy. “Maybe she’s just trying to make you better,” Dylan suggested, “Isn’t that what Leesh says all her dance teachers do?” Pulling the hot water lever for her Jacuzzi tub, Massie turned back to the phone. “I suppose so, hey I gotta go, I’ll aim you later.” Dylan burped a goodbye, and ended the call. Just as Massie was about to hit the jet buttons on her bathtub, her phone lit up with a text from Landon.



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You Never Know Until You Try

tumblr_mk6dhv6C3h1re0ug1o1_500Hey Girls,

So currently I am sitting on the orange duvet on the bed of my personal room in the villa that I share with the PC. I have on my Navy blue bandeau bikini top, with white bottoms. My hair is in a messy bun, and all I currently have on my face is some EOS lip balm. My light purple painted nails fly across the keyboard as I type this post.

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“Kristen come on!” Massie yelled at her from across the beach, we were suppose to meet up with Alicia, Dylan, and Claire in fifteen minutes and Kristen refused to get out of the water. “Can’t they just meet us here?” she wined, while floating around on her back. Massie rolled my eyes and jumped in and swam up to her, their in the city reserving a table for us at the cute little cafe. “We’re going to lose it if we don’t leave right now,” She said nudging Kristen to quit dosing off.  Finally the blonde agreed, and the two girls headed up the beach to the jeep that the owners of the villa used for their guests transportation.

A few minutes later they arrived at the cafe, and sat down at the table the other girls had reserved. “So whats on the itinerary for today, Mass?” Dylan asked while taking a sip of her pineapple mango smoothie. Massie brought a manicured finger to her chin, “I haven’t thought about it that much but, maybe go to the Bora Bora Lagoonarium, and go snorkeling?” Alicia clapped her hands, “that sounds amazing!”

Massie smiled then pulled her phone out of her brown leather satchel, she dialed the Lagoonarium (yes it’s a real thing). “All set,” she said placing her phone on the table and taking a sip of her lemon tea. “We leave in an hour girls, so we better get home to pick out snorkeling outfits now!” she added. “Oh, what if their will be cute boys their?” Dylan asked, her green eyes sparkling. “Chill Dyl, we will find out when we get there!” Claire said laughing.

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“No, no, no I can’t.” Claire said, she started sobbing and gripped on to Alicia. “Kuh-laire, it’s just snorkeling, nothing is going to happen, Massie assured her. Dylan wiped tears off Claire’s cheek, while Kristen started to braid her hair to calm her down. “Look, we’ll all jump in together,” Massie said stepping up on the side of the boat and extending her hand towards Dylan. Dylan grabbed her hand and offered her other one to Kristen, slowly Kristen took her hand then looked over at Claire and Alicia. “Come on Claire, when we jump in we can laugh about how Dylan’s spray tan is going to wash off when we get out,” Alicia said stepping up on to the boat, the Pretty Committee started to crack up, and Dylan just rolled her eyes.”Okay,” Claire said, she took a deep breath, grabbed Alicia’s hand and stepped up next to her. “On three!” Massie commanded. “One,” Dylan said, biting her bottom lip. “Two,” Alicia screamed, and looked over at Claire. Claire shut her eyes then screamed, “THREE!” All the girls jumped into the water, and emerged seconds later.

She loved life and it loved her right back | via Tumblr

“You did it!” Massie yelled, giving Claire a big bear hug. The girls received their snorkeling gear and followed the guide around the ‘Natural aquarium’. The day was incredible, Massie was so proud of how close the Pretty Committee had become. And how close they will hopefully stay.

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Shopping is my workout.

Lauren and Lo | via Tumblr

Hey Girls,

Currently I am seated at my desk, dressed in my Ralph Lauren navy blue pajamas. My hair is in a messy bun, and I had just removed all of my makeup. A lavender scented candle burns at the corner of my desk, while my fingers fly across my Imac key board.

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“You like?” Alicia asked while holding up a bright pink bikini   Massie wrinkled her nose, “Looks to Kmart-y.” Alicia studied it, then nodded in agreement and put it back on the rack. They were both doing some last minute shopping before the Pretty Committee leave for the beautiful destination Bora Bora. They walked down the Weschester mall, peeking in to shops and still not finding anything cute enough.

Massie heaved a sigh then turned to Alicia, “want to go to Barneys? Then pick up lunch in the city?” Her eye’s went wide and she linked arms with Massie, “when would I ever pass up going to Barneys?” She giggled. “Oh true,” Massie laughed.

images (2)

Massie stepped out of the range rover and headed up the steps of her mansion, she had finished shopping with Leesh, and had finally found the perfect Spring Break wardrobe. “Where do you want me to put the bag’s, Massie?” Isaac asked while gathering them from the trunk. “Could you just place them outside my door, please?” She said politely, then opened the door to the home.

“I’M HOME!” She yelled, hearing the slight echo ring through the halls. Kendra’s head poked out from her office. “Massie darling!” She called, while walking up and giving her a hug. “Hey mom, I thought you weren’t flying back from London till tomorrow?” She asked, while hugging her back. “I figured I would come home a little early, spend some time with my daughter.” Massie smiled, she loved mother-daughter days.

“So where do you want to go, Mass?” Her mother asked grabbing her purse from the kitchen counter. “Well I just got back from shopping with Leesh, maybe something low key?” She answered. Her mother pursed her lips, then pulled her phone out of her pocket and began typing furiously. She brought the phone to her ear then started rambling something in french, she clicked the end button then put her cell back. “Ok, grab your coat, we’re going to a gymnastics competition.” Massie frowned, “wait, what?” Kendra whirled around, “You want to be a gymnast don’t you?” Massie nodded. “Then this will be very beneficial, lets go.”

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Aly Raisman | via Tumblr

Massie anxiously watched from the audience as one of the girls started her floor routine, Massie wanted to be out there so bad, but her teacher wouldn’t let her compete until April. The girl was incredible, she landed every jump. The music seemed to fit the routine perfectly, as did the movements.

Later when the competition had ended, Massie and her mother, were invited to come and socialize with the coaches. Massie met a lot of amazing people, a few coaches even offered to give her weekly privates. Her mother being the socialite that she was, had picked the perfect place to help Massie jump start her gymnastics career.

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Massie Block

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The Simplicity Of Spring.

Dear Massie,

Roses are read violets are blue, I left you this beautiful pastry, not half as pretty as you.


Massie giggled at the corny poem Landon had left in her locker, she reached in and grabbed the small pastry bag that contained an apple strudel, her favorite. Walking down the hall, she pulled her phone out to text the PC.

Massiekur: Meet up in SR after 3rd?

Dyl Pickle: 4 sure!

SexySportsBabe: I’ll be there.

Holagurl: Given!

ClaireHeartsCam: Kay!

Smiling, Massie dropped her phone back in her bag then headed for first period. As she stepped in the classroom most of the girls eyes fell on her, surveying her outfit. Her lips spread into a smirk, and she shot all the girls a ‘This is what a 10 looks like, losers’ wink. When the teacher walked into the class room he had a stack of papers that he began to pass out. Massie snatched up the orange flyer and read the title “2013-2014 Sophomore Class President Election.” Instantly perking up Massie pulled out her purple pen and began filling out the application, leading was her thing. Not only would she be the most popular sophomore next year, she would also get to be at all of the meetings with Landon. Who was a most definitely going to win president for the junior class next year.

She skipped to the desk were her teacher sat, and just as she was about to set her paper down, and extremely un-manicured hand slammed a paper down on the desk. Massie’s amber eye’s snapped up in Layne Abeley’s direction, she had her hair in two high pigtails, with blue eye shadow smeared across her eye lids, and bright orange lipstick. Massie held her breath so she couldn’t smell the obnoxious pineapple odor from the gum Layne was smacking. “If I were you, I would grab your paper and take a seat.” She spat at Layne, she placed her paper right next to the teachers computer to make sure he would see it.

Layne put her hand to her mouth, making a fake gasping noise. “I would never, prepare to lose Massie Block,” she said while spitting a little. Massie raised an eyebrow and began to cackle, “lose? To you? Eh-ma-gawd, you must be delusional!” Layne rolled her eyes, she had no comeback so she just turned on her heel and returned to her desk. “That’s what I thought, take a seat LBR.” Massie muttered under her breath.

Dropping her bag on the floor, Massie flopped down on her favorite couch in the secret room. She snatched up the remote and turned on the tv, hoping that Kristen had remembered to record The Bachelor from last Monday. She heard the sound of heels clacking down the hall way, so she sat up and pulled her note book out to begin the PC meeting. “Hey Mass,” Leesh greeted she sat down next to her, and pulled out her notebook also. Kris, Claire, and Dylan did the same. “Alright ladies, we have a very important thing to discuss.” Massie said leaning in. They all looked up, she smiled a little then spoke. “So, my family decided that for spring break we would be going to Bora Bora, and I get to bring everyone of you!” She squealed. The Pretty Committee jumped up into a group hug.

“Eh-ma-gawd, we need to start packing!”Alicia gasped. “Don’t worry, I’ll type up a list tonight and email it. We’ll have our usual Friday night sleep over then leave for the Island on saturday,” Massie reassured them. Before they knew it the bell rang for 4th period, they all agreed to meet up after school and talk about it more over some Star Bucks.

Spring Break 2013, is going to be amazing.


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